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SELECTION WIZARD: Answer 3 quick questions to determine which business level plan fits your needs.

If you only need a hosting package for a personal web site click here: personal plan, or if you have special needs contact us about a custom plan.

Who do you want to maintain your web site?
Maintained for
me by Simple1
Site maintence, updates, email accounts, etc are all handled by our friendly staff as directed by the customer. You keep control. We do the work.

I will maintain
the site myself
Create and update your content (text, pictures, links, etc) as necessary in our simple but powerful online, editor built into eQuillPress™. (see editor pic below) Don't worry we have separate staff just to answer any eQuillPress™ questions, as well as helpful online documentation. Do it yourselfers will also have control over other web site aspects such as email accounts, ftp accounts, databases, etc through our easy to use control panel.

    Editor Pic:

How much initial site setup do you want?
Complete Setup (Recommended)

Included with managed sites.
Complete setup includes a professionally designed and complete web site.

Complete setup example pics:

Basic Setup Basic setup includes all of the essentail setup of your domain, email, and an "empty" eQuillPress web site. The basic layout, colors, and format of the site are setup - and can be changed with a single mouse click to a different "theme". However no content is added during the in a basic setup. Customers can then add their content (text, pictures, links, etc) in our simple but powerful editor.

Basic setup example pics:

Do you want us to manage a Google or Facebook ads account for your site?
Yes In addition to a Business Hosting Plan, a Google Adword or Facebook Ads account will be setup and managed for the customer. The customer determines the daily budget for their Google Ads in $1/day increments. These advertising charges are billed directly to Google or Facebook and are in addition to the cost of your managed plan.

No I will run my own ad campaign or I don't plan on advertising with Google or Facebook.