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Simple1.net remains the leader in custom internet solutions for users large and small. In addition to the rock-solid hosting of Simple1Hosting.net, you also get our state-of-the-art eQuillPress™ software.

Our Design & Development Team can create custom solutions that meet your specific needs.
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Domain Names

Domain name is a unique word, or a couple of words, usually associated with an IP address, that represents a special place on the Internet. You need a domain name because it gives a name of your place in the biggest society in the world - the World Wide Web.

FREE Domain Name

All of our Business Level Plans include a free domain name - a $15/year value.

Domain Privacy Protection FREE

Unlike most hosts, Simple1.net includes WhoIs/Domain ID Privacy Protection FREE. What does this protection do? Every registered domain must include whois information about the domain owner. This information is publically available to anyone. Which means it's a big draw for SPAMers and Junk Mailers. We protect your information and filter out the junk for you for free. How much junk? In our experience whois information generates over 10,000 SPAM messages for every 1 valid email inquiry. Other company's talk about protecting you from SPAM. We do it.

Below is a fair comparison of our Domain Name prices with the two largest domain registars in the country. Prices are for .com/.net/.org as other TLDs can to vary wildly in price.

  Network Solutions Go Daddy Simple1
Standard Domain Price $34.99 $6.99-9.99 $15
Domain Privacy Protection $9 $6.99 included
Total $43.99 $14.98-16.98 $15
Bundled Domain Deal Free-$11.99 $1.99+0.20 fee Free-$15
Domain Privacy Protection $9 $6.99 included
Total $9-20.99 $9.18 Free-$15

Get what you need, not nickle & dimed.

Please note that get this free offer, customers need to register/transfer their domain through Simple1.net.

Register A Domain Now

Our staff will register a domain for you as part of your account set up. Simply list your requested domain on our sign up page.

However, if you want to register a domain seperately from an account you can manually register a domain here at any time. Please note, that our FREE domain privacy protection will not be initially activated on any manual registrations. Be sure to contact us to enable that feature.